About Me

You've poured a lot of time, energy, and knowledge into creating your nutrient-packed, delicous, holistic recipes, but you're struggling to capture them in photos. 

Your photos feel boring, uninteresting, or lacking that "it" factor. 

You don't want to hire a professional photographer every time you want to share your recipes with your audience. You need someone to guide you step-by-step with encouragement and excitement! 

That's exactly what I do!

Portrait by Nathalie Ellison

I'm Jessica Furniss of Spiffy Eats & giggle water, and my passion is helping wellness coaches attract their dream clients one vibrant photo at a time. 

I've been taking pictures of food since 2015. I've spent years learning the ins & outs of what makes healthy food look irresistable. And I love sharing that wisdom with others.

Through my tutorials, workshops, and courses, I give wellness coaches insight into intuitive food photography, so they can capture beautiful photos, attract their dream clients, and really enjoy the process!

To learn more (and get my spiffy secrets on editing bright & vibrant food photos), Join our community!

I was born in Mississippi, raised in Baton Rouge, LA and Greenville, SC and now Birmingham, AL is where I call home. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra every day. In college I rode my bike everywhere and studied biology with a minor in Nutrition.

I believe in living a balanced life mentally, emotionally, and physically (speaking of physically, I gained 3 fitness certifications over the years). I spent a year as a personal trainer, before eventually shifting my focus towards healthy food. I started out as a food blogger before eventually launching my business full-time in December of 2017. 

I've done one-on-one lessons, interviewed leading professionals, and even hosted a food photography workshop! I'm honestly living my dream! 

Photo by Jessica Legrone

I love story telling, especially when the stories involve family recipes.

The beach is my favorite place on earth, my friends mock me for adding turmeric and chia seeds to everything, I adore weekend mimosas, my dog is my best friend, and I'm slightly obsessed with creating Insta stories. 

I'm learning to open up more about my struggle with anxiety, and I'm so happy to see the shift in our society towards talking about mental illness. 

Compassion, community, and authenticity have become what I value most in life. 

Portrait by Nathalie Elison

Jessica Furniss spent years educating herself about high end food photography before going full-time with her business, Spiffy Eats & giggle water in December of 2017. Combining her love of holistic, healing foods & intuitive food photography skills, Jessica has created a business that helps wellness coaches reach their dream clients, one vibrant photo at a time. This business has landed her on the cover of magazines, billboards, television spots, and numerous online publications, where she shared her love for food & photography. 

When she's not creating beautiful moments in photography, you can find Jessica wandering around the farmers market, sipping kombucha at a local cafe, dancing with her dog Todd, or binge watching The Office with her partner Tony. Join her community to get her secret sauce for editing amazing food photos, and be sure to join her on Spiffy TV for all things food, holistic living, and of course, Britney Spears dance parties. 


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