About Me

I'm Jessica. I lose my keys every day, I love Instagram dance parties, and I take a lot of pictures of food! 

Portrait by Nathalie Ellison

In 2013 I moved from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina to the city of Birmingham, Alabama. I knew three people total. It was a scary, but exciting time. 

Since I didn't have a lot of friends when I first moved here, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals for myself and my partner. And I mean A LOT of time! If I wasn't at the farmer's market gathering ingredients, I was in my tiny kitchen creating healthy recipes. 

Through this experience I learned that not only did I love cooking whole food recipes, I also loved taking photos of the food! I began doing research to try and become a better photographer in an effort to capture the beauty and scrumptiousness of the recipes I was developing. We eat with our eyes first, and if I was going to get people excited about my holistic recipes I needed to make them visually pleasing. 

But, the information was so hard to come by. I felt lost and overwhelmed amongst all the food photography advice folks had to give. Nothing was answering my biggest question... "How do I take pretty pictures of food?"

During this research phase I came across a free instagram course from Me & Orla. This course was the turning point in my food photography career. Sarah talked about finding your voice and telling your story. 

I quickly realized that I had spent way too much time complicating everything! All I needed to do was simplify my methods and be true to my own voice. 

As time progressed my efforts at simplicity allowed me to hone my skill. I became more confident in my abilities. I joined a group of like-minded individuals through an organization called See Jane Write. These fellow creatives gave me resources, knowledge, and assistance I had so desperately needed. 

I began getting noticed by big brands like The Feed Feed, Cooking Light, and Carrington Farms. I was published in local magazines and asked to appear on Talk of Alabama preparing wholesom pies with real ingredients! 

As I began to blossom, I realized there still wasn't a community specifically focused on food photography. I had searched far and wide. So, what did I do? I created it! I took on the task of telling others the asnwer to my biggest question, "How do I take pretty pictures of food?"

At Spiffy Eats we host workshops, we have VIP photography lunch meetups, we share wellness centered recipes, we even share advice on balanced living. But, most importantly we are a community! A community of wellness-centered food photographers who want to be better at what they love. Who want to change the world with simple, creative photos that inspire those around them to live their healthiest life. We are creative, food loving individuals who come together to support and encourage one another. 

My mission is to help wellness advocates & wellness professionals take beautiful photos of food so they can gain more clients and make a big difference in the world. I am so happy to have you along for the ride! Join the spiffy eats community!

Email: Jessica@spiffyeats.com

Instagram: @spiffy_eats