About Me

Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water is a community designed to empower Spiffy Gals to lead a health-filled, stress-reducing lifestyle. By being part of this community, you will learn how to boost your health through fun video tutorials, simple and creative recipes, and informative blog posts on natural living. This is all designed in a way that will save you time and money and give you the tools to educate those you care about.  

Our curator, Jessica Furniss, is a certified fitness professional and creative recipe developer. 

“Being raised in the South in the 1980’s gave me a unique perspective on food and health. Like many families at the time, our pantry consisted of processed foods and very few truly nutritious options. In my mid-twenties, after gaining my certifications in fitness, I realized that I was not seeing the results I wanted. Why was I still feeling anxious, stressed, and bloated? I was exercising a lot. I began to educate myself on the benefits of eating whole, natural foods. I fell in love with creating delicious, easy recipes that stay true to my southern roots. I learned why the men in my family had been so passionate about growing their own food and started a small garden plot of my own. I started researching natural options for stress relief. And, finally, I began seeing huge benefits!”

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