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My Current Meditation

We all know this time of year is a stressful time. I recently shared a post asking my readers for ideas on Stress Relief. I got some awesome suggestions. One of them was getting back into my meditation practice. I always seem to forget how truly helpful daily meditation is. The last three days I have done the same guided meditation. Usually I do a new one each day, but this one is soooo good I plan to do it several more days in a row. I wanted to share it so that any of you who may need some peace as the Holidays begin will have this at your fingertips. I highly recommend it!

Mama Rose's Heartburn Elixir

The last time I visited my grandmother I got terrible heartburn after my morning coffee (this has happened quite frequently the last year or so). I opened the medicine cabinet to see what she may have and she said "No, honey, we don't use heart burn medicine anymore, I make a this drink. Let me show you!" I was so excited to hear about a new heartburn relief and with all natural ingredients too. I am not a doctor, or dietician, I am simply telling you guys it works for me. Here's what my grandma makes: 1 tablespoon Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, and warm water to...

Give Me Your Best Stress Reducing Methods

As some of you know I recently purchased my first home. I am so grateful for this next step in my life. It's been very exciting to say the least. But, it is also an extrememly stressful time. Between moving and cleaning at the old place, organzing at the new place, transitioning multiple pets to an entirely new space..... It's a lot. All this to say, today I am coming to my readers to inquire... what are your go to methods to reduce stress? Running? Hot teas? Massages? Running through the streets wearing a unicorn outfit like a fairy who got into the scotch???? No idea is a bad one. I want to...

Pepper Place Farmer's Market Periscope

I am finally doing it. I am gathering up all my courage and hosting my first ever Periscope! Tomorrrow morning I will be live at 9:00 AM at The Pepper Place Market in Birmingham . I will be live and this will be my first time. I am a little nervous about doing the scope outside and in such a crowded place, so I hope you will all be patient with me if the sound/light are not the best. My plan is to show you the market! Let you see some of my favorite farmers and if I'm able to answer any questions you may have. Buying local is a strong passion of mine and we are proud to support Pepper Place...

3 Immune Boosting Foods

Elderberry Syrup Here is a simple recipe for elderberry syrup that is sure to have you ready to fight off anything that comes your way! Bone Broth I keep telling you guys how amazing this stuff is, but it's because it works! We drink bone broth regularly and have noticed a significant drop in the number of times per year we go to the doctor. Mushrooms The selenium in mushrooms is known to to boost your immune strength. Toss them in everything! This link also shares a few more foods that will help improve your immune system. Feel better, friends! And if you aren't feeling bad, I hope you...