Christmas Gifts to Improve the Health of Those You Love

Putting together your Christmas gift list can be stressful. What are you going to get for for your loved ones? Your friends? Everyone has unique personalities, likes and dislikes. But, what do we all have in common? Our health. What if each gift you gave was not only thoughtful and heartfelt, but also improved the health of the recipient? I have compiled a list of gift giving ideas that do just that. 1. Massage Everyone loves a massage. They are so relaxing and rejuvinating! The health benefits of massage are immense. I have started getting massages every month and my body is so happy for it...

4 Reasons I'm Proud to be a Partner at Starbucks This Holiday Season

My Response to the Red Cup Ridiculousness Normally we do not share things such as this on our blog. But, today we make an exception. The past two months I have been fortunate enough to become a partner at Starbucks. Here are 4 Reasons I am proud of that. Starbuck Supports Farmers "Starbucks invests in programs designed to strengthen economic and social development in local communities, while also caring for the environment. To extend the reach and impact of our programs, we collaborate with nongovernmental organizations that have experience and expertise in working with farming communities."...

A Rena Lara Easter

There is nothing like going home. This past weekend, I went to Rena Lara, Mississippi. Population- 97. This is one of the places I consider "home". My grandparents have lived here for over 80 years. Every Summer growing up, I remember our family trips to the Delta (the flat lands). We would wake up early to go fishing with grandad on a lake connected to the Mississippi River. We would play with our cousins, watch every Disney movie, and eat the best food in the world. My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago and I miss her so much. This visit last weekend, I had the opportunity to...

A Birmingham Christmas

Although I am posting about delicious food today, this is NOT a recipe post. I wanted to take the holiday and truly relax, and not write down measurments or times. All day, I cooked like my Grandmama Furniss, a pinch of this, a dab of that, taste it, and keep going! I used clean ingedients and whole foods and we had an amazing time! Tony and I started our morning with some delicious hot chocolate and bailey's, a gift from my sister Sarah. We cozied up with our warm winter mugs and toasted our 3rd Christmas together. Once we had our bellies full of warm, yummy goodness it was time to attempt a...


After attending an incredible class on Saturday towards getting my certification to become a Spinning® instructor, I have decided to take the Spinning® challenge "#100fitDays"! I am hoping to enlist several friends to take this challenge with me. <Hint, Hint> On the Spinning® website , they challenge you to spend the next 100 days eating right, being active, and living a fit lifestyle. They go on to say, " Even if you can't go to the gym, yoga mat, or your favorite Spinning® class every day, we challenge you to make at least one healthy choice a day". We can do that, guys! Here is a...

Five tips on clean eating while traveling!

One of the hardest times to eat clean, unprocessed foods is on road trips. Those cheap drive thrus with colorful signs of clowns, cows, and tacos are so tempting! So today I would like to share five quick tips to being a mean, clean, traveling machine. 1. Make a menu Yes, I said a menu. I don't mean a fancy five course meal. I mean figuring out what foods your family likes. Choose family favorites to avoid falling prey to those tempting fast food joints. 2. Choose food that travels well While you want to choose favorites of your family, your husband'a favorite seafood stuffed potato may not...

Wednesday Workouts: Spinning at Inspire Fitness

I had an absolute blast at Spin Class at Inspire Fitness tonight! We went on a grand adventure through Stage 16 of Tour de France . It was the most challening ride I've ever done on a Spin bike or road bike. We did sprints, slow steady uphills, and pushed ourselves hard! If you haven't tried it before, I hope you will consider it. Spinning is a low impact way to get optimum cardiovascular benefits. I cannot tell you how amazing these classes are. After one class with an amazing instructor named Sarah , I was online figuring out how I can become an instructor! I am proud to say that this will...

DIY Butter

Thank you for stopping by for Monday Munchies , where I share with you a simple recipe using ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen! I hope to invite you into my journey of learning to eat clean and show you that it is possible to make small changes in your life, one recipe at a time! Today I am sharing with you a recipe that I have been wanting to make since I was a child. This was such a fun and simple recipe! 1. Start by choosing an organic heavy whipping cream. I choose Working Cow of Alabama due to their Low Temperature Pasteurization process. "You see there are...