30 Instagram prompts!

  • Posted on: 1 March 2018
  • By: jessica

Hi, I'm Jessica, the owner and head food photography teacher at Spiffy Eats (@spiffy_eats on Instagram.) I know many of you are taking on the challenge of posting to Instagram once a day in the month of March. Go, you! That's a big challenge! So after a meeting with my fellow Janes in the See Jane Write Collective, I decided to make this list of 30 prompts to help you in your daily posting. I can't wait to see what fun photos you create!

Portrait above by Nat Cordova

A few notes: ALWAYS credit if you are using someone else's photo, art work, quote, etc. Always, always, always credit them! 

Don't be afraid to use styled stock photography. If you are not a professional photographer, then don't put so much pressure on yourself. Two good resources for feminine styled stock photos are Wonderfelle, and Ivory Mix

Try your best to make sure that the photos you share match your overall branding and business aesthetic. 

  1. Your morning coffee or tea with a poem in the caption
  2. A from above shot of your workspace with a little tip about how you accomplish your work 
  3. A selfie or portrait with a heartfelt caption
  4. A flatlay of your favorite book with a cozy blanket alongside it 
  5. A pic of a vacation you loved (beach photos are always a winner) 
  6. A photo of you and your partner with a heartfelt caption
  7. Flowers, flowers, flowers! Flowers are seriously always a success on Instagram. Blooming on a tree, spread out into a flatlay, in a vase, in your hair, however you like! 
  8. A product photo (this can be something you sell or something you just love using)
  9. An outfit flatlay with handbag, jewelry, and shoes all laid out! 
  10. A well lit photo of a meal with the recipe in the caption
  11. A boomerang with you and a pal toasting two cocktails with a caption "cheers to the weekend!" 
  12. A quote (either one you wrote or one you love by someone else)
  13. Your mantel or any pretty spot in your house that's well lit and decorated with a caption about how the decor represents you as a person
  14. An old photo of your parents with a caption about how much you love them and what they mean to you
  15. A pic of your pet (bonus points if it's a derp face!)
  16. A pic of a cool spot in your city. Cobblestone streets, writing or graffiti on the walls, murals, neat signs (think the Alabama theatre sign)
  17. A from above photo at your favorite brunch spot (waffles, anyone?)
  18. A flatlay of your planner with tips on how you use it
  19. Greenery. Ferns, flowers, herbs, wreathes, garlands, anything seasonal!
  20. Babies! Nieces, nephews, cousins, doesn't matter! Babies can make a great photo and you can gear the caption to be appropriate for your audience. Think baby steps, heart of a child, kindness, etc. 
  21. Desserts! The more full of bright colors, the better! 
  22. A flatlay of your workout clothes and gear with a caption about why it's important to put your health first
  23. A photo of someone you look up to
  24. A pic of a piece of art you admire 
  25. A group photo of you and your friends with a caption about why community matters
  26. Yourself doing a yoga or meditation pose with a caption about taking time to practice self-care
  27. A beautiful view. Maybe from your porch, the top of your city, or a breathtaking sunset.
  28. A flatlay of an open magazine with a warm drink and cozy blanket alongside it and a caption about why you loved the article
  29. A professional portrait with a caption about why you do what you do and who you serve (your audience)
  30. More flowers! Yes! I am serious! Doesn't matter what your aesthetic, flowers sell on Instagram! 

Happy posting! 

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