Green Mango Cauliflower Smoothie

Green smoothies are my jam! I first fell in love with them when participating in an Emilie Maynor Smoothie Challenge and it changed my morning routine forever. After the challenge, I found myself craving those cool, crisp green drinks every morning. My body loved starting the day with nutrient-rich food! So, I stuck with it and started creating my own recipes based on Emilie's example. 

Emilie also introduced me to Vital Proteins Beef Collagen. It's totally flavorless and adds a beautiful texture to my smoothies.

Collagen benefits include:

  • Glowing skin**
  • A more youthful appearance**
  • Joint health**
  • Tendon & bone strength**
  • Healthy cartilage**
  • Increased athletic performance**
  • Improved digestion**
  • Gut health**
  • Deeper sleep**

Today's recipe is sweet, tropical, and jam packed with veggie goodness! Whip it up, throw it in a travel mug and enjoy it on your way to the office!


2 c
Fresh spinach
1 c
Frozen Cauliflower
1⁄2 c
Frozen Mango
Banana (Frozen for a smoothie bowl texture)
1 1⁄2 c
Unsweetened almond milk (I love Califia Farms)
Scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
1 T
Hemp Seeds


Blend all ingredients together in a high power blender until your desired consistency is reached. 

Optional toppings include: unsweetened coconut, hemp seeds, and Udi's granola


*This is not a sponsored post, these are simply my opinions on a product I enjoy and have seen benefits from.