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Fire Cider

When I was a little girl, my mom and I would go into Christmas shops. I distinctly remember the smell of cinnamon being in each store. Sometimes the stores would have hot apple cider to sip as you shopped. Those were my favorite. The taste and smell of spicy cider brings me back to those amazing times. We first tried this drink at our friend's wedding and completely fell in love. The crisp taste of apples and the hint of cinnamon will have you in a festive mood right away.

Warm Brandy Apple Cider for One

Here in Alabama the weather is perfectly dreary. The wind is howling, the sky is a beatiful gray, and the rain comes and goes. This Autumn weather calls for a warm drink to sip as you cozy up and watch the leaves fall from the trees. Our recipe for Warm Brandy Apple Cider will make a marvelous companion for all of the brisk Autumn days ahead.