Wednesday Workouts: A walk in the park

  • Posted on: 9 April 2014
  • By: jessica

Thanks for coming by for today's Wednesday Workout! Every Wednesday I share with you a SIMPLE way I chose to stay active. I want you all to see that an active lifestyle is attainable for anyone. GET OUT, GET MOVING AND HAVE FUN!

Today I chose to take a stroll in Crestwood Park. 

"The advantages of walking include its convenience, paracticality, and naturelness. It is the most popular physical activity for adults." (Fitness Professional's Handbook)

Walking will not only elevate your heart rate and expand your lung capacity, but also put you in a better mood! Everyone enjoys the vitamin D from the sun!!!! 

Crestwood Park is a beautiful, recently renovated park. The track around is approximately 1/4 a mile, not including the small side paths. It is my absolute favorite place to get out and enjoy the beautiful area of Crestwood!

Let me show you around as I make my way on a 1 mile walk in this lovely landscape.

They are not kidding about the native grass and wildflowers out here!

In the summer time there is a community pool!

There is a water source that makes the ideal, peaceful "babbling brook" sound to put you in a postitive state of mind.

Thank you for joining me for Wednesday Workouts! I hope I have encouraged you to GET OUT AND GET MOVING on this wonderful Spring day! Walking is one of the most pleasant forms of exercise you can partake in. Grab your friend, kids, dog, or neighbor and go for a walk today! PLEASE Share your Wednesday Workouts with me in the comments section. Remember every time you are active you are doing good for yourself and those who love you.




Looks like a lovely spot for a walk, you have encouraged me to get out for a walk. Thanks~

I've never been to Crestwood Park! We should go jogging there sometime!

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