Alton Brown's Pound Cake Recipe

  • Posted on: 2 January 2018
  • By: jessica

Pound cake has intimidated me for a long time. I have tried a couple of recipes and failed miserably. So, I turned to the guy who can explain each and every step and the reasoning behind it- Alton Brown. After watching his video (we streamed it on Hulu) I was ready to tackle the pound cake beast! I followed his instructions exactly and came out with the most moist, flavorful cake with a flaky, candy-like crust. I also followed his recipe for the citrus glaze, but added thyme to give it a little more earthiness. 

The three biggest takeaways I got from his recipe were:

  1. Make sure every ingredient is room temperature when you start 
  2. Weigh your ingredients instead of using measuring cups
  3. Add each ingredient slowly allowing it to get fully incorporated before adding the next

As a food photographer I have my favorite foods to photograph. The ones, that almost always turn out looking great. And cake is one of those foods! If you're just starting out with food photography, I highly reccommend you practice on cakes! Take photos from several different angles. Practice with the light in the morning and the evening and see which you like best. Add fresh herbs and powdered sugar to make your photo pop! 

Get Alton's recipe! 


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