Mood Bosting All Purpose Cleaner

  • Posted on: 8 November 2015
  • By: jessica

Thinking about cleaning does not usually put me in a good mood. I dread the thought of scrubbing the tub, wiping the counters, or dusting the tables. After a few different mixtures I came up with a simple, extremely effective cleaner. The best part? It contains lemon essential oil that actually improves my mood with every spray! Two problems solved: less scrubbing and a better mood! 

I strictly use Native American Nutritionals therapeutic grade oils. I buy directly from the website. No one makes commission. I do not sell it.

I highly recommend this brand. I use several of the oils daily in various ways. 

Mood Boosting All Purpose Cleaner

In a spray bottle add 1/2 cup white vinegar, 2 drops therapeutic grade lemon essential oil, and fill to the top of the bottle with water. (I used a 26 oz bottle). 

Use on almost all surfaces in your house. I use it to clean my kitchen counters, microwave, sinks, bath tub, toilet, and wooden furniture. 

I hope this post has been helpful to you. I plan to share more about how I use essential oils in my daily life over the next few months. Be sure to check back in! 



So excited to see this and a link to buy oils that isn't multi-level marketing! Id love to know more about what oils you use and why. :)

thank you, Julia! I will share a more detailed post in the near future about Native American Nutritionals! 

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