Propagating Herbs: A How To Gude

  • Posted on: 9 September 2015
  • By: jessica

The Fall weather is starting to sneak in, your herbs are starting to dwindle away. What can you do? 

If you love the idea of being able to grab fresh rosemary, mint, or lemon balm even in the dead of winter, keep reading. 

Let me start by saying, I am new to gardening. I have been gardening for the last two years and I absolutely love it! I have had some great success ( my first cabbage made it through 5 degree temps and was delicious) and some failures (every tomato I tried to grow heat rotted before ever turning red). But, after reading this helpful post from 17 Apart, I am completely motivated and confident that my thriving herbs can also be successful inside. 

This will be a collection of several journal entries as I attempt to grow these herbs indoors! 

Day 1: 

I cut several young green tips off of my thriving herb plants. I cleaned most of the leaves off each sprig and kept a few leaves on top.  As 17 Apart recommends, I used my fingernails to scrape the ends a bit to encourage rooting. 

I then filled up several different bottles and glasses with water to cover the part of the sprigs without leaves, leaving the leaves outside of the water. 

That's it so far! I plan to change the water every other day to keep it fresh. 

I pulled up a few rooted pieces of one mint leaf and went ahead and planted it into some rich soil. 

Stay tuned to see when these herbs start to produce some roots! 

I will post the progress of these herbs, even if they are an epic failure. If they fail, I will pull in some experts to see what I did wrong and hopefully be able to answer any questions you all may have. The point of these posts is to show you the reality of the experiment. Here's hoping it goes well! 


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