Propagating Herbs: A How To Gude Part 2

  • Posted on: 25 September 2015
  • By: jessica

Well, so far I have had some success and some epic failures. Be sure to hop over to my first post to see how I got started with propagating these herbs for an indoor winter herb garden. 

Today is day 20! And here are my successes with getting some roots from my herbs. 

This is mint. It's getting a few small white roots. Yay! 

Here is some lavedner. It is thriving and healthy and look! One little white root growing! 

And the loveliest, most flourishing of all- The basil! There's roots everywhere on this little guy! 

So what's the next step? That's a good question. I plan to start researching the best way to transfer these to soil over the next week. I am excited to get them in cute little pots! 

Now, for the not so pretty. 

Above is the rosemary... To be fair this was some rosemary that I already had in water a few weeks before the rest. I think if I had changed the water properly those first few weeks (every two days) it would have possibly rooted. 

This is the rosemary that I still have hope for. A little hope. The rest of this bunch dried up at the top and I have yet to see any rooting yet. 

The lemon balm dried up pretty quickly. I believe this one needed its own space. I shouldn't have crowded it with the lavender. 

And the mint I tried to plant from a root that I dug up from my garden dried up within two days. So, as I mentioned earlier, I have to do some research to learn how to transplant these successful rooted herbs into soil!!!! 

Thank you all for reading. I am looking forward to sharing with you the successes (and hopefully not too many more failures) that are ahead as I learn to propagate these herbs. 


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