Spiffy’s Christmas wish list

  • Posted on: 25 November 2018
  • By: jessica

While I believe Christmas is so much more than the materialistic things, I think it’s ok to dream of exciting things to add to my home and business. I also want to acknowledge my privilege as someone who has the means to have all of my basic essentials and even occasionally splurge. I know everyone doesn’t have that privilege. We donate and volunteer with organizations that help meet the needs of families in our area, and that will be in a future holiday post. 

Now, on the Spiffy wish list! 

KitchenAid Food Processor 

C’mon, you guys knew you’d see something from KitchenAid on this list. And since we’ve started incorporating more plant based meals in our diet a food processor is much needed. This one has so many bells and whistles it has me dreaming of cashew cheese, cauliflower Alfredo, & black bean burgers. Yum! 

2019 Day Designer

If there’s one item that makes the biggest impact in my day to day work-from-home life it’s the Day Designer. As some of you new friends may not know I’ve always struggled with planning and organization. I literally lost my purse & keys every single day in high school. My forgetfulness and disorganization were a constant source of humor for my friends and family. But, in the last two years I’ve worked so hard to improve this about myself. My word for 2018 was consistency. And I’m so proud to say the Day Designer helped me send monthly newsletters, plan videos, do freelance gigs, complete a business school program, and completely revamp my website. So it’s not even a question that it’s on my Christmas wish this year! 

Full Frame Canon Camera

I want a new body for my camera. I’m constantly working to improve my photography and the next step is a full frame camera. I know I want a Canon, but I honestly don’t know which one. Got suggestions? I’d love to hear em! 

That’s 3 items from my Christmas list! What are you hoping for from Santa! 


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