The Abbey: Coffee Shop and So Much More

  • Posted on: 18 January 2016
  • By: jessica

The first time I stepped foot into this lovely establishment located in the heart of the Avondale community, I fell in love. The vibe that greets you is one of warmth, neighborly love, and friendship. I have frequented a few times a month over the last year and loved chatting with Carrie and Noah as they made my whole milk lattes. 

The Abbey proudly serves a vast array of local products including Red Bike Coffee, Leaf N Petal teas, Bread Works Breads and they make their own pastries and sandwiches in house. Their pimento cheese sandwich is one of my very favorites! 

In my most recent visit, I had the opportunity to chat with Kelley Hudlow. I learned that not only is she a church history wiz, but she is also the deacon of The Abbey. Why does a coffee shop have a deacon, you may ask? Let me explain. Firstly, let me tell you, you will see books and art on church history as you sip coffee here. But, no one will lay hands on you. "It is a nonprofit project of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. The Abbey's mission is to offer a place of hospitality and conversation to the community." 

The Abbey prides itself on being a place open to all. So while it is a coffee shop, it is also a place of worship, for those that choose to engage in that aspect. I am not a church goer and I know very little about the Episcopal church, but if the warmth and welcome I have felt each time I visit this shop is any indication of the church as a whole, then I commend them. 

If you are interested in supporting a local coffee shop, that welcomes anyone from every walk of life, why not have a beer? Yup, I said have a beer. The Abbey is hosting their one year birthday bash at Avondale Brewing. 

the abbey avondale brewery

"The Abbey has been open for a year!  Join us for an early Birthday and Mardi Gras celebration at the Avondale Brewery!  We will have fantastic food, drinks and live music.  Ticket, raffle and silent auction sales benefit the mission of The Abbey: to offer a safe and comfortable space where the traditions of Christianity can be rediscovered and reimagined."  Click here to buy your tickets and support this amazing local coffee shop. Or simply visit and have a a cup of coffee over thoughtful conversation with amazing folks. You will be happy you did! 


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