Clean Eating Frozen Hot Chocolate

  • Posted on: 21 July 2014
  • By: jessica

Hi all! Welcome back to Monday Munchies where I share with you a simple recipe that you can make using ingredients you most likely already have on hand. As I stepped outside this afternoon it hit me: I need a frozen drink, and I need it now! This Alabama heat takes a toll on a gal. Then I thought, why not chocolate? Cocoa is mood boosting and delicious. So here is what I did. 

Yum! I had this entire thing drank before I ever sat down to start sharing the recipe with you! So delicious. 

Take 8 oz of whole grass-fed milk and add it to your blender.

Then add 1 1/2 tablespoons of organic dark cocoa powder.

Then add about 2 tablespoons honey (less if you don't want it very sweet).

Then add a few cubes of ice (4-7).


Blend. Pour into a glass. And be blown away at how happy this will make you! This is by far one of my favorite things I have ever whipped up. I sat on my front porch, waiting for this afternoon rain to start, and gulped it down.


I truly hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, blogs, ideas in the comment section! 

Thank you for stopping by! 


8 oz
Whole Milk (grass-fed)
1 1⁄2 T
Dark Cocoa Powder (Organic)
2 T
Honey (Organic, less if you don't want it very sweet)
Ice Cubes


Add all ingredients to blender. Blend and Enjoy immediately. 



That looks so delicious, and easy!

It would be a good occational substitute for that afternoon coffee you love! 

This looks fabulous, will have to try with my little one sometime soon, thanks for the recipe!

The kids will love this one! Thank you for stopping by the blog! And always being so encouraging! 

Just made a double serving to enjoy....yum! I think the longer you blend it, the more foamy it gets on top, almost like a dollop of whipped cream :)

You are so right! Thank you for reading the blog and for trying the recipe, Megan! 

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