Lavender kombucha gin fizz

  • Posted on: 27 January 2018
  • By: jessica

This cocktail will flood your senses with lavender, elderberry, and juniper. I love kombucha! The fizz, the fruitiness, and the tart flavor! 

 GT's Kombucha flavor Lavender Love™ gives this drink it's distinct, floral flavor.


1 oz
3 oz
GT's kombucha Lavender Love™
3 T
White cane sugar (to decorate the rim of the glass)
Various edible flowers including lavender (to decorate the rim of the glass)


On a small plate add white sugar, lavender flower petals, any other edible flower of your choice.

Wet the rim of your martini glass.

Dip the glass upside down onto the sugar flower mixture gently turning until the rim is coated. Set aside. 

To a cocktail shaker add 1/4 cup of ice and 1 oz of gin. 

Shake, shake, shake. Strain the gin into prepared glass. 

Top off with GT's Kombucha Lavender Love™

Cheers to your health! 


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