Persimmon Sage Mule

  • Posted on: 13 November 2020
  • By: jessica

Moscow mule gets a Fall makeover with persimmon and sage. If you love the spice of ginger beer, but are craving more seasonal flavors, then this is the drink for you! Sweet, spicy, and earthy this will become one of your go-to autumn cocktails in no time!



ripe persimmon
3 oz
2 cn
ginger beer
2 bn
fresh sage


1. In a cocktail shaker add the innner flesh of one persimmon and one sage leaf. Muddle together until it's all nice and mushy. 

2. Add 3 oz of vodka and 5-6 cubes of ice to the shaker and shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes. 

3. Strain the mixture into the two copper mugs, being sure to split evenly. 

4. Add one bottle of ginger beer to each mug and top with ice. 

5. Garnish each mug with a fresh slice of persimmon and a small bunch of fresh sage & ENJOY the subtle flavors of fall!


Reserve 2 slices of the persimmon for garnish.


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