Dealing with Disappointment in Healthy Ways

  • Posted on: 12 November 2015
  • By: jessica

We have all dealt with disappointment at one time or another. I am currently dealing with a little disappointment about an opportunity that did not work out. I have a tendency to get angry, mopey and sad. I will be distant to those close to me, quit eating healthy, and turn into a loner.

But today I am taking a stand. I am not going to follow those same patterns of behavior. They are not healthy or beneficial. Here is what I am doing instead.

Upping my meditation game

I am meditating twice a day now, instead of once. During this time I am looking towards the future and reminding myself that anything is possible! I am loving myself and encouraging myself. Speaking positively about me and to me. Might sound silly to some, but for me it is a huge help.

Talking to those close to me

I am opening up about how I feel. I am sharing in an honest way with those close to me. Allowing myself to say words like "disappointed, rejected, hurt, confused, sad, angry". Usually I would hide from these words. Hide until they go away. But that has never worked in the past, so why would it work now? By talking to people who love me, I am already feeling better. And I am building support, instead of trying to cope all on my own.

Eating healthy

I am making the commitment to put good things into my body. The food we eat is so imperative to how our minds and bodies function. I know that by eating foods that nurture my body I will feel so much better!


Talking to those you love is awesome, but we all know there are some things that we want to keep to ourselves. Instead of just letting those thoughts wander around in my head, I am putting them on paper. I am sharing the bad feelings, the good feelings and reminding myself of the great things in my future! I am writing my hopes and dreams. It's amazing!

Do you have any healthy ways of dealing with disappointment? I would love to hear about them!



Thanks for wiriting this post! As I get more aggressive in my creative pursuits, disappointment has been one of the major things I've had to overcome! I'm not good at handling rejection and my chosen dream path rest heavily on people's opinions and follow through. I've learned to reflect on my accomplishments and most importantly my happiness the things that I can control and understanding the difference!

Great advice! Thank you for sharing. Creativity definitely comes with its fair share of rejection. I love the advice to reflect on accomplishments. 

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