3 habits to simplify your life today!

  • Posted on: 20 November 2017
  • By: jessica

1. Have quiet time

Make an intentional effort to spend 10-15 mintues alone first thing in the morning. I know this may sound impossible with busy schedules and work piling up to the ceiling, but I have personally found that this one tactic makes a world of difference in whether my day goes the direction of simplicity or complication. 

2. Have a ritual

This can be a morning ritual or evening ritual. But, make sure you do something the same every single day. Take a walk at the same time, read a book with a warm cup of tea right before bed, or you can do what I do and make a cup of pour over coffee first thing each morning. Rituals help us keep our life in a state of calm and prepare us for unforseen events when they occur. 

3. Make your food at home

I know, I know, we are not all cooks! And that's perfectly ok. Find something that you love to make. It can be as simple as scrambled eggs, toast, chili, a smoothie, or a pasta dish. Find some recipes that you can master and whip them up every week. Preparing our own food is one of the best ways to invite simplicity into our homes and our families. 


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