5 myths most new photographers believe

  • Posted on: 17 November 2017
  • By: jessica

When starting out as a new photographer the information you consume can be both overwhelming and confusing. It is easy to get lost in other people's opinions of what makes a photo great and what doesn't. Do this, don't do that... Today I want to show you 5 things I believed when first starting out with my food photography. I hope by debunking these myths I can make photography seem more approachable and simple for anyone who is stepping out into this world.  

The perfect kitchen myth

Myth #1: All food photographers have a perfect kitchen full of marble, concrete, and exposed brick.


Most food photographers have set ups similar to this and you can too!

You can take photos of food on any surface you like.
Decide what style you are trying to capture and try several different options.
White linens, kitchen tables, wooden boards, metal cookie sheets, or in my case a metal lid from the antique store.

The fancy equipment myth

Myth #2: All food photographers have $1,000 cameras and hundreds of dollars worth of equipment


If you have a camera on your smart phone, you can take incredible, amazing, beautiful pictures of food!

Phone cameras can take sharp pictures
Phone cameras can take moody pictures
Phone cameras can take bright picture

The perfect shot myth

Myth #3: If you are good, you will get the perfect shot in one snap every time.


I took 10 photos of this latte before I got the right shot.
Trying different angles, letting in more light or less light, and snapping from further away or closer are all things that make you a great photographer.
The more options you give yourself, the more likely you are to get a great photo.

The photo shop myth

Myth #4: Professional food photographers are also professionals at photoshop


I did not use photoshop for the first two years of my career, and still only rarely use it.
There are many FREE editing apps that work wonderfully.
I personally use VSCO and love it!
I used VSCO for the photo in the previous slide!

The education myth

Myth #5: You have to complete college level classes to be a great food photographer

Photo by Nat Cordova


I am self-taught. I surround myself constantly with other talented, knowledgable photographers and creatives. This gives me opportunities to learn at every turn. I now take what I have learned and teach it to others. I am even working on an online course to dive deeper into teaching you how to take lovely photos of food. So be sure you're part of The Spiffy Eats community to be the first to hear when the course is released! 


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