Confession: I'm not a morning person!

  • Posted on: 11 November 2017
  • By: jessica

My morning routine matters. Creating a morning routine has always been a struggle for me. As a teen I always woke up at the very last minute and rushed to get out of the house in time for school each day. Choosing sleep over peaceful, morning rituals has been something I still struggle with to this day. 

I have finally created a morning routine that I am able to stick to and I find immense joy in it. I thought I would share it with you to inspire you to create your own! 

When I wake up each morning the first thing I do now is drink a full glass of water. (I have an adorable cat, who does not so adorable things when I sleep, including drink my water. So I have to use a handy bottle with a lid. Cats... AMIRIGHT? My friend Emilie, who is a wellness coach, recently mentioned the benefits of drinking water first thing, so I have committed to doing it and I must say I have noticed a significant improvement in my salt cravings when I start my day with water before my coffee. 

Next, I grab my cozy housecoat, slide on my slippers and head to the kitchen to hand pour a fresh cup of coffee. Even on my busiest days, if I make time for this part of my ritual it sets the tone for a calmer, slower day with less panic and rush. Starting out slowly in the mornings really works for me. I will never be one of those people who wakes up to do fasted cardio. It's just not how I function. 

Next I sit in my tiny reading corner with a book and give myself at least 10 minutes of reading, breathing, and quiet time. This step gets skipped more days than I would like. But, it's a work in progress. 

The last and final part of my morning routine that I believe has made the biggest difference in how I feel is my car meditation. I know, I know, meditating in the car? Who does that? Me. I do that. And it's AWESOME! I use this super cool app called Simple Habit (and not, this isn't a paid post, I just really like the app). The app has tons of free meditations with an option to pay for premium membership, but for now I am loving the free ones. They only last about 5 minutes and put my mind in a really positive place before I go out to face my day. The creator of the app also has a podcast that you can listen to right there on the app! I listened to an amazing 7 minute one today about stepping closer to scary situations to actually accept them, instead of ignoring them in an attempt to let them go. His insight is really brilliant, simple, and super helpful. 

That's my morning routine. What's yours? Do you wish you had one? What would it look like if you did? 


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