The dos and don'ts of those old Instagram photos

  • Posted on: 2 November 2017
  • By: jessica

Hi I'm Jessica. I launched my food photography business earlier this year and it has been a really grand adventure!

A question I get asked frequently by folks trying to improve their visibility on Instagram for their business is "What should I do about my early Instagram photos? Should I delete them?".

Here is my first Instagram photo.

And I'm not mad at it. Let's go through some reasons why in these dos and don'ts of your old Instagram photos.


Delete your old Instagram photos. That's right, I said don't delete them!


Use them as a reminder of how far you've come.

Learning to take clearer, more intentional photos is really hard. You should be exceptionally proud of that accomplishment! But, never forget where you came from. This is a great way to show yourself grace as you continue on your learning journey.


Hide the fact that they exist from your audience


Use them to build the credibility of your brand

This is a fantastic way to show your audience that you know what you are talking about. If I was able to take my photos from drab, dark, and a little sad, to bold, moody, and elegant, then I am probably a good person to listen to if you are looking to do the same thing with your photos! See how that works? My photography students know they can trust me to guide them through the learning process because I am not ashamed to show where I started.


Continue to share an old photo because it's all you have


Take new photos of the same content with an upgrade

The first photo below is one I used it to showcase the importance of choosing local food. When I wanted to share something later on Facebook for my brand, I could have easily said, "well I already took that photo of local vegetables, I will just use that". But, instead I took the opportunity to use my improved skills and do a new photo shoot with the same content. My audience will find the second photo much more appealing than the first and I got the opportunity to practice. Win win!

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be ashamed of where you began


Share it with us

Let's start a sharing trend! Choose whichever social media platform suits you best and use #spiffyeats to share your first ever Instagram photo. Feel free to give us some background into what you have learned since that first shot and your personal journey. Can't wait to see your pics! And yes, that means I'll be sharing these three sad little tomatoes. And I couldn't be more proud of where I began.


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