Has Instagram become the new business card?

  • Posted on: 8 November 2017
  • By: jessica

I recently heard a friend say, "Instagram is the new business card." And after some thought, I completely agree. 

When I am out at an event and I meet someone with similar business interests my first question, with phone in hand, is "What's your Instagram handle?" I usally follow them right then and there and ensure that we have connected in a concrete way before leaving the conversation. Traditional business cards can be tossed in a purse or briefcase and never seen again, but, a quick follow on Instagram will have me showing up in that person's feed, reminding them of our meeting and our potential to have a working relationship. 

Now, all that to say, I DO still think traditional business cards are important. I also think it's important to list your Instagram handle on your business card. There are times when Instagram may not be appropriate, or the person may not use it, or, in my case, you may meet the owner of a local restaurant in a place where your phone has no service, (boy, was I glad I had my traditional business cards that day!) . I always keep a stack of business cards in my wallet, purse, and briefcase and give them out often. 

So if Instagram is the new business card, we need to present a professional look to future clients. Join me tomorrow, as I share with you 3 things every business Instagrammer should do


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