Headache Prevention

  • Posted on: 6 November 2014
  • By: jessica


I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was about 7 years old. I have been on different headache medications throughout my life and still have never been able to successfully treat the pain and agony. So today I have decided to look at 3 actions I can take weekly to prevent my headaches. I truly believe prevention is the best medicine. 

1. Gerson Apple Carrot Juice

If you have not seen "The Gerson Miracle" yet, please check it out. Dr Gerson was a brilliant physician who strongly believed in food as preventative and healing medication. One of his main recipes is a raw, cold pressed juice made of tart organic granny smith apples and organic carrots. This combination has been shown to prevent headaches if ingested regularly. I bought my Champion Juicer mainly for this purpose. I must admit that as of late, I have lost my commitment to making this juice weekly and my body is angry with me for it! I am making a new commitment to drink Apple Carrot Juice 3 times a week from now on.

I simply juice four carrots and two apples and drink it immediately to make sure I am getting all the nutrition that I can.

Gerson apple carrot juice. Champion Juicer. Spiffy Eats.

2. Water Upon Rising

Dehydration is known to be a leading cause of headaches, and I must admit I am guilty of having my morning coffee before water. And sometimes I will get to lunch and realize that I have not had any water yet! I am committing to a glass of water (with lemon, read about the benefits of adding the lemon on Food Matters website) first thing every morning from now on. Dehydration can bite the dust. 

detoxifying lemon water.

3. Relax

Stress and tension are known to be a leading cause of headaches. I know this to be true in my case, my shoulders and neck get extremely tense and then the pain starts and there's no return at that point. To prevent this from happening I have decided to take time out for myself. Once a week I am committing to spending an hour by myself to partake in a relaxing activity of my choosing. Anything from visiting the Botanical Gardens, an hour spent in prayer and meditation, having a private tea time, getting a massage, writing in my journal, reading, to crafting. No cats, no dogs, no boyfriend, no phone calls, no computer. Just me, myself and I. 

Spring picnic. Reading. Easter.

teasy teas and alabama's organic working cow dairy milk. spring tea.

This is my weekly plan to prevent these miserable headaches. Follow me on instagram as I share pics from this journey weekly using #spiffyhealth. Share any suggestions you have for pain prevention in the comment sections! I would love to hear from you.



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