How to use natural light to take amazing photos!

  • Posted on: 3 November 2017
  • By: jessica

When I first began taking photos of food, I watched online videos and read blogs all about creating light boxes.

That led me into looking at reflectors. This all led me into lusting over very expensive camera equipment. Because I was only using my phone camera, I couldn't see the logic of spending thousands of dollars on other equipment.

 As I started practiging more and more I slowly realized windows were my best friends!

I ran around the house with food subjects in hand and tested the lighting in every room until finally one worked. The lighting was perfect. Not direct, not too dark, but just right. I quickly realized that I didn’t need any fancy equipment to capture the moments I wanted to capture. All I needed was soft light from my window.

Using natural diffused light from a window was the first professional photography trick I learned. It is still my go-to at the beginning of each and every shot. Although I did use my home made photo box a few times, I ended up tossing it and learning the harness the power of my window. 


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