Is a lack of professionalism on Instagram affecting your relationships with future clients?

  • Posted on: 9 November 2017
  • By: jessica

As we discussed in yesterday's blog post, I believe that Instagram is the new business card. And, therefore, we need to ensure that our Instagram accounts display a polished, professional vibe. Here are 3 things every business Instagrammer should do. 

1. Have a cohesive look

If you were creating your business cards, you wouldn't have bright green, burnt orange, and baby blue colors visually attacking your viewer, would you? (I mean, unless that's your signature look, then, hey, go for it!). When a potential client lands on your page it is really great if they can get a 5 second overview that gives them an idea what your brand is all about. For instance, in my branding photos office set up where I shoot my brand videos, I use mint green, light blues, pinks and greys. Most of my Instagram photos include these colors in some way. This gives my top 12 pictures a cohesive look that is pleasing to the viewer and let's them know that my brand is professional and polished. 

2. Be consistent & intentional

It is challenging to be consistent. Especially on Instagram. There are days when I take a really cool picture and want to share in on my brand Instagram account, but I force myself to go through these questions first. Does the subject of this photo represent my brand, if so I will go ahead and use the photo. If not, I will ask, can I use this photo and write an awesome description that represents my brand even if the photo itself doesn't? If so, then I may choose to do that. Lastly, I look at the photo in comparison with my current Instagram feed, and ask myself if this photo will compliment the overall look. If you make an effort to consistently post content that very intentionally matches your brand, your viewer will be intrigued and see you in a more professional light. 

3. Be authentic

When I think back to traditional business cards that stood out to me, they always had something unique about them. Maybe they were made of heavy, soft paper. Maybe they had a photo in the corner of the business owner. Maybe they included a vivid photo of something that was visually pleasing. The same is true for Instagram. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to be authentic. Think about what makes your business and you special and work that into your brand on Instagram. For instance, I love having dance parties while I share recipes on Insta stories. So in my bio on Instagram, I share that I am "living an intentionally simple life one Insta dance party at a time." This entices my viewer to follow along with my stories and displays a unique quality about me and my brand. 

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