My workspace

  • Posted on: 27 November 2018
  • By: jessica

Four years ago if someone asked me to share a photo of my workspace I would have been horrified. I had no desk, no camera equipment, no food photography props, no planner! Scary, right? 

But, when I look back on those times, they hold some of the best memories. Those were the days that I was simiply using my iPhone camera to snap photos of the healthy recipes I was creating. I'd snuggle up in my bed to write blog posts and share my unedited photos. It was pure, it was honest, and it was the beginning of this beautiful life I'm living now. 

I'm so grateful that as my business has grown I've had the privilege of creating a dedicated workspace. It's a peaceful little corner of our home that's just perfect for me. But, I'll always think fondly of those early days because they put me exactly where I am today. And that's always something to be thankful for. 


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