So you think you can't cook? 3 easy steps to overcome your fears of the kitchen.

  • Posted on: 4 November 2017
  • By: jessica

You probably clicked this link because you honest to god think you can't cook. You have either tried and failed or avoided trying at all out of fear of failure. 

As someone who has burned more bacon and eggs in her life than I'd like to admit, trust me, if I can learn to cook, SO CAN YOU! 



1. Ask a friend! 

First things first. Learn some basics. Do you have a favorite recipe that someone in your immediate family or circle of friends prepares? Ask them to come to your house and show you the ropes. Most folks will be honored that you enjoy their food so much and jump at the opportunity to help you learn. Be attentive and take notes as they go through their process. And don't be embarrassed to ask simple stuff either. I have only recently learned how to properly cook chicken to keep it tender and juicy. And it's only because I had delicious chicken at a friend's house and I asked him what he did to make it so good! 



2. Hop on youtube!

I know, youtube can be a mess to sort through. There's a lot of folks sharing recipes and how-tos. It can be a bit overwhelming. My suggestion? Visit the youtube of a chef whose name you recognize. One of the first chefs I started out watching on youtube was Jamie Oliver. I remembered his name and knew he was a reputable source. So I followed along with a few of his recipes and slowly started to pick up some skills. (And yes, of course I ruined some food along the way, but, hey, that's what learning is all about!)



3. Keep practicing! 

This one sounds so basic. But, it is without a doubt the most useful advice anyone will ever give you. Don't give up! Try a recipe once and it doesn't work? Try it again? Try it five times and it doesn't work? Try a new recipe! Keep practicing and eventually you will conquor your fears and begin creating amazing, delicious food. I promise! 




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