Stone Hollow Farm Tour

  • Posted on: 15 April 2015
  • By: jessica

This week I had the pleasure of a suprise visit to Stone Hollow Farmstead. I have frequented their booth at Pepper Place Market, and always wanted to see the farm in person. As a birthday suprise my boyfriend took me for a tour. I had a blast! 

Stone Hollow Farmstead is a small, family owned farm in Alabama that puts large emphasis on sustainability and creativity. They focus on using organic methods of farming with respect for the land and animals. The founder, Deborah Stone comes from a family of farmers. She not only has created goats milk cheses but also genius cosmetic products

They raise pastured chickens, goats and even a couple of horses.

We had so much fun holding the baby goats. One little guy was hyper and playful and even attempted to eat my ear! The other little girl was calm and docile and I wanted to take them both home with me! 

Their goat cheese is absolutely delicious! My favorite is the fig and the honey pecan. So yummy!

You can find Stone Hollow Farmstead at Pepper Place Market on Saturday mornings in downtown Birmingham. Give them a visit and help support sustainable farms in Alabama! 



Awwwwww the baby goats!!!! Love it! I have been meaning to check them out, now it looks like I have to!

Nadine, you absolutely must go!!! It was so much fun. And the baby goats will steal your heart.

WOW! Looks like you guys had a fun day. =)

It was soooo fun! I am thinking we need a girls outing and all go together.

I just went on Tuesday!

Angela, so glad you were able to go! Didn't you love it!

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