• Posted on: 14 April 2015
  • By: jessica

As I sit on my front porch this morning I hear birds chirping, train horns blowing, neighbors rushing off to work. I see my knock out roses, my azaleas, my mints, and my cottage flowers. It smells like Spring. I am extremely aware of the fact that today I am embarking on a new part of the journey. 30. My twenties are gone. Oh, what fun and turmoil those twenties were. So many bad decisions. But, I don't hate them. As the sun begins to peak through the clouds all around me, I am aware that 30 is a chance to start fresh. Leave my twenties in the dust. But, how could I? They taught me so much. I grew significantly in the last ten years. So, instead, I will think on these last ten years fondly, realizing they made me who I am today. And I am proud of that woman. The woman who would rather wake up at 7 to drink her coffee and enjoy her flowers than stay up late and sleep in. The woman who still loves to have a good time with her friends and go out on the weekends. The woman who has learned that the love of a wonderful man can give her strength and courage that she never knew she could have. I am very proud of her. Of me. 

I take the first step of this journey knowing that I have the support of incredible family and friends. I have so many hopes and dreams for the next decade of my life. Not so much things I want to accomplish, but things I want to enjoy. So many experiences I look forward to having. As I enjoy this cool Spring breeze on my front porch, in Birmingham, Alabama, I am very aware that I am an incredibly loved woman. Not just by my friends and family, but by myself. And that is a great way to turn 30. 


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