What I Believe Makes Me Who I Am

  • Posted on: 3 November 2015
  • By: jessica

As I arrived home this evening from a hectic day at work, I rushed through all of my required tasks. I fed my six cats, fed my puppy, threw a load of laundry in, and then immediately changed into my comfty clothes. I made a warm magnesium and chamomile tea, and then put lavender oil in the diffuser. All day I have looked forward to my evening meditation. This is the usually the most relaxing part of my day. Participating in meditation has many benefits, as I wrote about last month. Some of the benefits include, reduce risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and relief from stress and anxiety. 

Normally during my meditation, I have a hard time clearing my mind. I usually struggle with racing thoughts, guilt, or distractions. Tonight was different. I am participating in the Oprah and Deeoak 21 Day Meditation Challenge. It is 21 days of free guided meditations. Today's focus was based on the concept that what you believe ultimately dictates who you are. 

As I sat quietly with my eyes closed, repeating the mantra So Hum, which translates simply to I am, I felt a strong sense of peace rush over my mind and body. I did not have an issue with being distracted, or deal with thoughts of guilt. I simply was. In that moment. I was. I know there were times when I felt a smile come accross my lips or tears stream down my face, but there were not specific thoughts that I can pinpoint. This was by far the most interesting meditation experience that I have had since beginning the practice last year. 

Do any of you meditate regularly? Have you noticed benefits?


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