Why I love Anne Byrn, and You Should Too.

  • Posted on: 28 November 2014
  • By: jessica

Anne Byrn Saves the Day

While at Junior League of Birmingham's Market Noel, I had the incredible privilege of meeting acclaimed author Anne Byn. Anne is the Cake Mix Doctor. She takes box cake to a whole new level by sharing incredible ways to add just the right ingredients to her already delicious gluten-free cake mixes. Anne was at Market Noel to demonstrate a recipe from her newest book, Anne Byrn Saves the Day.

Anne Byrn Saves the Day. Cookbook.

The book shares recipes from Anne's personal collection and from her friends and family. The recipes are all easy to make meals, that can be whipped up in no time for a party or get together. The recipe Anne demonstrated incorporated cream cheese, goat cheese, pesto and fig preserves and was shared with her by a high school friend who resides in Birmingham. Anne shared with me that Costco has a fantastic, ready-made pesto. All my readers know how much I love Costco! 

This recipe was absolutely delicious! I got the opportunity to chat with Anne after her demonstration and she shared a little bit of her mission with me. She has a love for the science behind cooking and the chemistry of taking the flour out of foods. She had many readers who were seeking gluten-free meals for one family member who had gluten sensitivies. Anne wanted to take it a step further. She strives to create gluten-free recipes that taste so incredible that everyone in the family will love the flavors and never even notice the missing gluten. I can't wait to get this most recent book to try out all the recipes for my next party.

Holiday meals. Anne Byrn saves the day.

Although Anne is an intelligent and talented author and creator, the true reason I love her is her down to earth, caring, and kind spirit. Even though she was in a group of many people at the Market Noel demonstration, she took time to share her heart with me and answer all of my questions.  They say the best food comes from the heart and I have no doubt that Anne's heart is in every recipe she creates. I hope you get the opportunity to try out some of her recipes! I will be sharing more in the future as I dive into her books. 


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