Who to follow while I'm away!

  • Posted on: 15 May 2018
  • By: jessica

As you know from my recent blog post, I am taking a necessary break from social media for a bit. During this time, I thought I would give you guys some amazing ladies to follow in my absence. These talented ladies are Instagram rockstars and I'm so happy to share them with you! 


Abi is a wellness advocate and personal trainer. Her stories are some of my absolute favorite! She shares delicious holistic drink recipes, homeopathic skincare tips, and a lot of real talk about living a balanced life. Oh, and her yoga/balance videos blow my mind! 


Cait is an amazing food photographer for Time, Inc. studios. Her profile is filled with the most amazing food you'll ever see. Her photos are the definition of #goals! 


Jennifer shares such awesome tips about sourcing and preparing healthy food on her Insta stories. If you love healthy living and education on balancing your hormones then you will adore her feed! 


Melina's stories are brimming with foraged foods cooked in cast iron skillets. If the sound and sight of fresh food cooking excites you, then get your butt over to her feed ASAP! 


Emilie's stories cover all topics wellness: yoga, balanced eating, food prep, hiking, stress management and more! Also her sense of humor will have you cracking up for sure! 

I hope you enjoy all of these amazing women as much as I do! And I promise I'll be back soon! Thanks for being Spiffy!


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