Why I drink magnesium everyday

  • Posted on: 30 November 2016
  • By: jessica

Last year I had a health scare. I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my lower abdomen for about a month and went for a doctor visit. As I sat in the doctor's office all manner of scary scenarios entered my brain. The doctor came back in and said "After the x-rays, we see that your bowels are blocked up. I am writing you a prescription for magnesium citrate. You will be better in no time." Leave it to me to think I'm terribly ill only to find out I'm just full of crap! ha!

So I went home and began furiously researching magnesium. I realized that there were many symptoms of low magnesium that I deal with pretty often. Here are a few.

  • muscle cramps
  • anxiety
  • poor memory
  • constipation

I talked to some friends and continued researching to see what the best long-term magnesium option was for me. I had no desire to return to the doctor for the same reason in the future. I found Natural Calm the anti-stress drink. I cannot say enough good things about this drink. I drink a small amount in the morning and at night and my digestive health has improved drastically. A lot of my anxiety is more managable now as well. If you are suffering from some of these things, I encourage you to talk to your doctor and do your research. You may find that this drink helps you too! 



Just now read this. Great read!!

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