Magical Blue Miso Latte

Magical Blue Latte

Miso is a paste made from fermented soybeans.**** If you're like me up until a few days ago, you've probably only had it in miso soup. 

If you know the flavor of miso, you might be thinking, "miso latte? wha?"

But, trust me. The flavor is outstanding & the texture is creamy. 



1⁄2 c
Hot Purified Water
1⁄8 t
Matcha Powder
Dried purple pea flowers (I use Blue Chai brand)
1 c
milk of choice
1 t
White Miso Paste (Organic Miso Master is what I use)
1 t
Raw Honey
1 T
Coconut Butter
Edible flowers (optional toppings)


1. Add purple pea flowers to a mug and top with the hot water. Steep for 3 minutes. Remove purple pea flowers and discard. 

2. Add your newly made purple pea flower tea to your high powered blender along with all the other ingredients. 

3. Blend until a lovely froth is formed. 

4. Serve and enjoy your rich, sweet magical blue latte! 


****Organic Soy products. 
Soy is one of those products I always purchase organic. Because soy is known to have a powerful impact on the body, it's super important to me to make sure my soy comes from a good source I can trust. 

Brands I use in this latte: 

Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso

Blue Chai Purple Pea Flowers

Michelle Leech Pottery