After Thanksgiving Refreshing Slaw

  • Posted on: 24 November 2018
  • By: jessica

I hope you had an incredibly cozy, loving, and joyful Thanksgiving holiday! I sure did. Tony's family sure knows how to cook and I ate sooo much. While I have ZERO shame or regret about what or how much delicious food I enjoyed, I could tell that today my body was craving some crips, raw veggies and I knew this slaw recipe created by Emilie Maynor would totally hit the spot! 

This slaw is packed with cruncy, nutritious veggies including one of my favorites- parsley. 

Parsey has lots of health benefits:

  1. it's packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, and Vitamin A
  2. rich in anti-oxidant nutrients
  3. promotes cardiovascular health
  4. aids in the body's ability to detox the liver

For the full recipe head over to Emilie's Website! And feel free to change it up based on what you have available. For instance, in the Spring I'll use mint in addition to parsley and use strawberries in place of the red onion. And in the Autumn I'll add roasted butternut squash and white beans. Today, I created a vegan cashew cream dressing that totally hit the spot! Enjoy! 


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