A Birmingham Christmas

  • Posted on: 29 December 2014
  • By: jessica

Although I am posting about delicious food today, this is NOT a recipe post. I wanted to take the holiday and truly relax, and not write down measurments or times. All day, I cooked like my Grandmama Furniss, a pinch of this, a dab of that, taste it, and keep going! I used clean ingedients and whole foods and we had an amazing time! 

Tony and I started our morning with some delicious hot chocolate and bailey's, a gift from my sister Sarah. We cozied up with our warm winter mugs and toasted our 3rd Christmas together. 

Once we had our bellies full of warm, yummy goodness it was time to attempt a family photo by the Christmas tree. And attempt we did. I held Homestar Runner in my arms and whistled for Todd to stay at my feet, while Tony held Marzipan and positioned the hilarious selfi-stick that my dad got him for Christmas. Here is the amazing result. 

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We had a blast! Next Tony and I opened presents and gave each of the animals their stockings. Yes, our animals got stockings. Homestar's favorite toy was, of course, a box. 

Marzipan's favorite gift is always attention and adoration. 

And Todd loved the lights on the tree and all of his new toys. 

Later that evening, we sat down to our annual Christmas dinner.

We started off with some yummy Sparkling Shiraz and baby bella stuffed mushrooms. 

The main event was this beautiful duck from Bottle & Bone. I adore having locally sourced meat available right up the street from my home. Not to mention, the team is so kind and creative. Pictures do not do justice to the juicy, rich flavor of this bird. 

I also made my Grandmother's Mississippi cornbread dressing for the first time. As my Aunt Brenda told me, this recipe is a lot of try, taste, try and very little specifics. But it turned out really great for a first try (and I used Ezekiel bread instead of homemade biscuits to keep the gluten lower). I made organic mashed potatoes with Kerrygold Butter and Alabama's Organic Working Cows Milk

And I couldn't resist a clean version of some figgy pudding! I used coconut milk, dried figs, honey and cinnamon with some honey candied pecans on the side. 


Thank you for allowing me to share my most wonderful Birmingham Christmas with you! How did you celebrate the season? Any yummy food? Share your holiday fun in the comments! 





Thanks for sharing your Christmas!! Sounds wonderful!!

Thank you, Mom! We had a great day! 

Cute pictures, the food looks delicious!

Thank you! Hope your day was great too!

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