Coffee Shop Hop

  • Posted on: 6 April 2014
  • By: jessica

You've heard of the typical "bar hop" where you go from bar to bar meeting people, tasting different drinks, and getting to know a new city. But, have you heard of a "coffee shop hop"? This Saturday morning my boyfriend, Tony and I decided to go try a cup of coffee at three different coffee shops. I went to places I'd never been and had a blast seeing new parts of Birmingham.

Church Street Coffee and Books

Located at 81 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213, Church Street Coffee and Books is one of the most adorable places I've seen in Birmingham.

This is a fantastic place to see new books and to read or write in a peaceful environment.

Now, to the important part. THE COFFEE! 

This house blend was strong, dark and nutty. It was absolutely perfect for a wake up call. I also got a sunrise cookie, which is a cookie that is dehydrated (usually in the sun) instead of baked. You must get this cookie next time you go to Church Street Coffee and Books. 

Overall, I would say that this shop is quaint and delightfully nerdy for the bookworm inside each of us and gives you the peaceful feeling of a small town just minutes from bustling downtown Birmingham.

Hart and Soul Coffee Company

Next we made our way towards Homewood and stopped in to a place with a lot of soul called Hart and Soul Coffee Company. This place was so unique and full of character. 

There were vibrant colors everywhere. It is impossible to be at this shop and not have a great time! Not to mention, I noticed a sign stating that they have Jazz music on Sunday afternoons. Talk about a fun lunch! I will definitely be checking that out soon. 

Now, for the COFFEE! This house blend was very unique, suitable for the shop where it's brewed. I tasted hints of marshmallow, while Tony tasted citrus and berries.

This shop is a must see if you have never been. I hear Gip Gibson even plays the stage here on occasion. This shop is a fantastic display of the creative vibe that flows throughout Birmingham. 

Urban Standard

This shop is true to its motto: Staples for City Living. Located on 2nd Avenue North in the Midde of downtown, this shop's industrial style will excite the city dweller in you! 

They have an ever changing menu that seems to be based on seasonal availability. Follow them on twitter to see their daily menu. 

Now for the main event. What was the COFFEE like? This house blend was spectacular. It was bold and robust. Just as you woud expect from such a bold place. 

This coffee shop  embraces the attitude of the city. Growing, changing, moving towards wonderful things. I love Birmingham, don't you?

Thank you for stopping in for my Coffee Shop Hop! I hope you will join me tomorrow for Monday Munchies! Happy Caffeinating! 



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