Five tips on clean eating while traveling!

  • Posted on: 1 August 2014
  • By: jessica

One of the hardest times to eat clean, unprocessed foods is on road trips. Those cheap drive thrus with colorful signs of clowns, cows, and tacos are so tempting! So today I would like to share five quick tips to being a mean, clean, traveling machine. 

1. Make a menu

Yes, I said a menu. I don't mean a fancy five course meal. I mean figuring out what foods your family  likes. Choose family favorites to avoid falling prey to those tempting fast food joints. 

2. Choose food that travels well

While you want to choose favorites of your family, your husband'a favorite seafood stuffed potato may not be the best choice (help! Shrimp in the floorboard... That smell will never leave). Choose things you can put into zip locks or if you are fortunate enough to find clean, pre-packaged foods, go with those! 

3. Prep, prep, prep!

If you are able to prep ahead, by all means, do it! Take a few minutes each day for the three days ahead of your trip to slice veggies, divide fruit, and make the food fun for the kids! 

4. Get a good cooler

Nothing is worse than spending days prepping and planning and then ending up with a pile of melting ice in the back seat! Yuck! Be sure you have a high quality cooler to keep your food fresh.

5. Stick to your plan

Before the trip, explain the plan to your family. Tell your spouse how motivated you are to save money. That definitely helps my boyfriend stick to the plan. And make it fun for the kids. Explain to them that you have planned special snacks and treats for the trip that you will surprise them with at certain points along the trip. For instance, "When we all see the welcome to Georgia sign, everyone can choose a surprise fruit or vegetable!" 

I hope my personal experiences will help you on your next road trip! Safe travels!



Very nice tips!

Thank you for reading! 

Oh, I need this... I'm so good (for the most part) about eating well around town, but the minute I leave Birmingham city limits, my diet decides to turn back and leave me stranded.

Haha. Travel food is very tempting! Thanks for reading the tips!

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