Wednesday Workouts: A walk to lunch

  • Posted on: 26 March 2014
  • By: jessica

Hi! Today I'm starting my new series Wednesday Workouts! Mid-week can be a difficult time for us. Maybe you were too tired after working late on Monday to go for your usual walk. Maybe you skipped the gym Tuesday because your gym buddy bailed. So I am going to help SIMPLIFY this whole exercise thing for you. Every Wednesday I will share a simple way that I chose to be active. I hope to inspire you all to GET OUT AND GET MOVING every single week. Staying healthy is completely attainable for everyone!

Today I chose to get out and get moving by taking a walk on my lunch break with two friends. 

From my office it took about 15 minuts each way. It felt wonderful to be outside in this beautiful Spring air and enjoy the sunshine. It felt wonderful to be MOVING and getting my heart pumping. 

We went to Tau Poco, a local restaurant that sells street food from around the world. This place is so unique and fantastic! I had some of the best kimchee and bbq pork I've ever eaten! Yum. There is food from all over the world. 

Do you love this art work or what? It was done by the fantastic Vero at Naked Art. She is very talented! I encourage you to check out her website and go see her amazing work in person at her gallery. 

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our 30 minute walk on our lunch break. I felt calmer, happier, and more accomplished knowing I had done something good for my body. What will you do today? Share your Wednesday Workouts with me in the comments section!!! Let's GET MOVING!


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