5 Food topics to discuss instead of politics this Thanksgiving

  • Posted on: 20 November 2016
  • By: jessica

Terrified of the confrontations from relatives regarding politics this year? People on all sides are dealing with high levels of stress from this election year. We thought we would give you some interesting food topics to keep the political stressers at bay. 

1. The History Grandma's Favorite Recipe

Does your grandmother have a recipe she makes each year for the holidays? This year is a great time to ask her all about this tradition. When was the first time she remembers making it? Did her mother make it too? Have the ingredients changed over the years? 

2. Pecan. How is it pronounced? 

This is always a particularly fun subject, especially if you have family that lives all over the US. Even at my Southern family get togethers we pronounce it a little differently than one another. 

3. What are some of your state foods?

For instace, Alabama's State Dessert is Lane Cake. Louisianna's State Jelly (yes, I said state jelly) is Mayhaw Jelly. South Carolina's State Snack Food is boiled peanuts. 

4. If you could only eat one snack food for the rest of your life what would it be?

No cheating. You can only choose one!!! 

5. Should Eggnog be consumed hot or cold?

This is a fun one (and you might just find out your conservative aunt actually likes brandy in hers).


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