Charcuterie for the holidays

  • Posted on: 21 November 2020
  • By: jessica


The holidays look a lot different this year. Instead of loading up and piling into the car to go visit loved ones, many of us find ourselves at home either solo or with a partner. If the thought of making an entire holiday meal for one, or if you’re so not the cook in the family, why not try a holiday charcuterie board? 


These boards bring in all the festivities without any of the fuss. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite boards. I hope they inspire you and get you in the holiday spirit. 


Halloween Charcuterie All Recipes



Thanksgiving charcuterie board from Passion for Savings



Christmas tree charcuterie from Munchin Time



There's so many fun ideas here for smaller holiday gatherings. Whether you have a small group, or you're solo, I hope you remember you still deserve to eat delicious, fun food! 


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