Aerobic Base Training

  • Posted on: 10 September 2014
  • By: jessica

For those of you who work out with me at Inspire Fitness or see me interval training at Railroad Park, you may be wondering why I'm not working out as hard as I usually do? I'm barely working up a sweat most days! You may be thinking it looks easy and I'm just leisurely enjoying myself. WRONG! I'm going crazy to start lifting some weights again and push myself hard at Spinning® class! I love the rush of really pushing myself and working up a good sweat. So why have I slowed things down? I'm excited to tell you about it.

Drumroll, please....I am training myself to strengthen my aerobic base.

Throughout my life I have been a pretty intense, high energy person. I push, push, push, then crash! And I have always had a high resting heart rate. Your resting heart rate is your heart rate first thing in the morning before rising. I started doing some research and learned that by doing aerobic base training I can lower my resting heart rate. My hope in doing this 12 week training as part of my #100fitDays is to bring myself more inner peace, more strength, and more balance in my workouts. And I can already tell a big difference. My resting heart rate is down from 84-87 to 72! 

According to ACE Fitness some benefits from aerobic base training include: 

  • Increased respiratory capacity (your breathing will be at a stronger place)
  • Increased cardiac output (your heart will work more efficiently)
  • Improved body composition (you will get a healthier looking body)

Here are the basics of my personal aerobic 100 Fit Days training:

  • I am starting every day off with 20 minutes of meditation. I am doing Oprah and Deepak's Expanding Your Happiness. This step alone has drastically changed my daily life. Taking time each morning to look inside myself and see peace and strength that I am capable of filling the world with is a very empowering thing! I recommend this meditation for anyone. It is filled with traditional meditation concepts from India, scriptures from the Bible, and insightful words to strengthen you each day. 

I even made a meditation corner in my house. It's not much, but it's minimalistic and free of distraction.

  • I am eating clean. I am being very aware of what I put into my body. Choosing grass-fed meats, pastured eggs from pepper place market, avoiding highly processed foods, eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of fresh squeezed juice. 

  • I am doing aerobic exericse. Four to five times a week I am jogging, walking, spinning, and any fun aerobic activity for no more than 45 minutes. While doing this training I am keeping my heart rate between 60%-80% of my max heart rate. This keeps my heart rate in the happy medium, not going too high and allows me to have optimal results in my resting heart rate goals. 

Now, hopefully you won't think I'm just whimping out on my workouts when you see me at the park!

Have any of you tried aerobic base training before? Share your thoughts with me in the comments. Thank you for reading! Enjoy your Wednesday Workouts!





I haven't heard of this, but it sounds really interesting! Starting my day with meditation sounds really, really nice. I'm going to do some research on this, too, and I'll be following along to see how it goes for you!

Thank you for the encouragement, Jennifer! I'm excited about seeing some awesome changes in my life. I love reading your journey as well on your blog! 

Sounds great and you're looking fit ....way to go Jessica:-)

Thank you for reading!!! And for the compliment!

I love reading your blog. I am a firm believer in Aerobics! It always helps me to ease into it, Gradually building up and then I'm a lot more likely to stick with it!

Lennie, I completely agree. Building a strong base is so important. Thank you for reading the blog! Means a lot. 

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