Week 1 #BlogLikeCrazy

  • Posted on: 7 November 2014
  • By: jessica

Hi All! Thank you for stopping by. Since November 1st I have been part of the amazing November Challenge: Blog Like Crazy! Each November the members of See Jane Write are challenged to blog every single day for the whole month. I would like to share with you what I have learned in my first week and what I'm looking forward to the rest of the month.

1. Let Others Shine

If there is anything I have learned from Javacia, the leader of See Jane Write, it is to showcase the amazing talents of others. I have started a section of my blog called Spiffy's Pinterest Picks dedicated to exactly that. I take to Pinterest and choose my favorite things that other bloggers have created. I love sharing their incredible talent. It is exciting to think that some of my readers may be introduced to other amazing bloggers through me. 

2. It's Ok to Use Stock Photos

FREE stock photos, that is. When I first started blogging I placed a lot of pressure on myself to only use original pictures that I had taken myself. Although I still find that to be a good rule to stick by, it is a rule that is ok to break every once in a while. Creative Commons  is a great tool to find free pictures on multiple websites. There are some really great pictures out there and it is ok to mix things up on your blog with stock photos! 

3. It's Ok If No One Comments

Some days my blog posts may get 15 comments from readers! That's great. I am really excited when I see comments. But, there are days when I may have zero comments on a post that I worked really hard on. It is tempting to get discouraged about this. I start asking questions like: Is what I wrote relevant? Are my pictures pretty enough? Was this a boring post? Most likely, none of these are true. It just happens to be that no one commented. And that is OK! I still choose to be proud of the work I create and proud of the fact that I completed something I think is great! Ultimately, I have to be proud of myself and not depend on others to make me feel good about my writing. 

4. I Love Writing My Blog

I have learned this week that I absolutely love writing my blog. Motivating myself to write every day has not been a big challenge. Some of the ideas have been challenging and making time every day has been challenging, but feeling motivated to do it, that has come naturally. This has been such an amazing fact to discover about myself and I am so happy to continue writing for many years to come. 

Are you doing the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge? What have you learned? Share your blog with me in the comments (And not just out of obligation. Remember bullet point #3) Have a great weekend! 


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