What I Buy at Aldi

  • Posted on: 31 March 2016
  • By: jessica

I will admit it, I enjoy grocery shopping. It is one of my favorite activities. The thrill of finding healthy, clean foods at good prices is like a sport for me. 

Ok, now that you all know how weird I am.... here is what I buy at Aldi. 

Publix is my favorite, but I have got to tell you guys how awesome Aldi has been the last few times. I have been so impressed with all the organic products I have found. 

1. Organic Frozen Berries $2.79

2. Organic Fresh Produce (various prices)

3. Grass-fed Beef $6.99

4. Nuts $5-$7

5. Free-range Chicken Broth $1.79

6. Organic Canned Tomatoes $1.49

7. Organic Canned Beans $0.79

8. Organic Honey $3.49

Sometimes they have name brands too. One of my favorite finds is the occasional kerrygold cheese

So basically, if you have any of these items on your shopping list, I encourage you to check Aldi first. You may be able to find some items at a much better price!


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