30 Instagram prompts for food photographers!

  • Posted on: 22 March 2018
  • By: jessica

Happy Spring! Food photography can be a challenge. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of taking almost the same photo every day. These 30 Instagram prompts will help you step out of your comfort zone & share creative content that your followers will love! 

  1. Take a photo of your morning routine (adding your hand grasping a mug in the photo is a fun idea!)
  2. Take a photo of cookies, brownies, or layered cake from a 45 degree angle to show all the details
  3. Take a photo of your hand stretched out holding your favorite brand of breakfast bar
  4. Take a from above ingredients shot (making a cake? show the eggs, flour, bowl, whisk, sweetener, and of course don't forget a linen!)
  5. Take a photo of fresh herbs
  6. Take a photo of several different types of citrus sliced and laid out in a pretty way
  7. Take a photo of a family recipe and share the story in your description
  8. Take a photo of an indulgent recipe that you changed to be healthier
  9. Take a photo at a restaurant (be sure to sit right next to the window to get the best light)
  10. Take a from above photo of a smoothie in bowl with pretty toppings
  11. Take a photo of of a full dinner spread including hands, drink glasses, silverware, plates, casserole dishes, & fresh flowers
  12. Take a from above photo of your farmer's market haul
  13. Take a photo of your work lunch and include things like glasses, notebooks, or the corner of your laptop to tell the story of your job
  14. Take a photo of a cookbook opened to a recipe you are making with a few ingredients in the shot too
  15. Take a photo of your go-to home remedy for a cold
  16. Take a photo of a roasting pan brimming with roasted chicken, and bright, seasonal veggies
  17. Make a recipe by another blogger and tag them in the comments! Supporting one another is so important! Always, always, always credit the recipe creator! 

I hope these tips are helpful in your Instagram food photography. Have questions about how to style a food photo? Email me jessica@spiffyeats.com


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