Spiffy's Pinterest Picks: 4 Christmas Roast Beasts

  • Posted on: 17 December 2014
  • By: jessica

This is one of my favorite parts of any Christmas movie ever!

"He brought everything back, all the food for the feast, and he... He himself, the Grinch... carved the roast beast." How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Such a heart-warming scene! Also a scene that makes me hungry. Just the words "roast beast" bring to mind images of deliously cooked meats. I can just imagine huge cuts of beef roast, a whole duck, oxtail, pork loin. So, today I thought I'd share my Pinterest Picks for your Christmas feast! If you are wondering where to buy good, quality meats (and you are local to the Birmingham area) check out Bottle & Bone. Bottle & Bone has locally sourced meat including, rib roast, free-range chicken, quail, ham and much more. They have amazing specials and today is the last day to order your roast beast for Christmas! Whole Foods Market also has great selections if you are not in the Bham area. Once you purchase a great piece of meat I hope you will use one of these great recipes to create a Christmas Feast!

Paleo recipes. Baked duck, baked chicken, baked beef roast, crockpot chicken and oxtail.  Roast Beast.

1. Standing Rib Roast from A Spicy Perspecitve

This standing rib roast is cooked at a high temp to form a tasty crust and then cooked at a lower temp to get the perfect pink center. This recipe is great for Christmas. Check it out at A Spicy Perspective.

2. Crispy Duck Legs with Braised Vegetables from All Day I Dream About Food

This recipe is beautiful. The crispy duck skin baked over the root vegetables is a delicious paleo meal you can feel good about. Read the recipe on All Day I Dream About Food.

3. Slow Cooker Caribbean Oxtails from Black Girl Chef's Whites

This recipe takes oxtail and slow cooks it until it is fall off the bone tender. The rich Caribbean spices will warm up your Christmas Feast in a wonderful way! Find the recipe on Black Girl Chef's Whites.

4. Whole Roasted Chicken from Don't Mess With Mama

This beautiful whole roasted chicken will please every person at your dinner table. Stricter Paleo dieters may opt for sweet potatoes in this dish. Whichever potatoes you choose, the herb and spices combination in this dish will be a hit. Read the full instructions on Don't Mess With Mama.

I hope my picks have helped you with your Christmas menu! Buying locally sourced meat is healthy and good for the environment! Go get you some!
Head over to Saving Dinner and read How to Find a Local Butcher. Merry Christmas!


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