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Birmingham Girls Club Instagram Challenge

This month I have decided to participate in the See Jane Write event, Blog Like Crazy! It has been one hell of an adventure and I have enjoyed it so much. I am also participating in an event with The Birmingham Girls Club . This is an Instagram challenge. Each day we post a photo based on the inspiration chosen for that particular day. Both of these challenges have been fun learning experiences. I have stretched myself beyond my normal bounderies. I even posted a photo of my own hands for the BGC Instagram challenge (which I never do, due to all of my old lady wrinkles). I have also shared...

Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Topped Cucumbers

Tonight I am going to an amazing event with The Birmingham Girls Club . Through this club, I have met some amazing women! This is my second event to attend since becoming a member, and I can't wait! We are all coming together to celebrate one another on this Valentine's week! For tonight's event, I put together a new recipe that is made of four simple ingredients, cucumbers, goat cheese, whole fat greek yogurt, and prosciutto. It's light, simple, and a perfect party food! Here's how I made it. Mix together 4 oz of goat cheese with 4 oz of whole fat greek yogurt. This works best if the goat...