Sarah Beth Yoga

7 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7

Today we enter the last day of our Sarah Beth Yoga 7 Day Challenge on Gratefulness . I hope you have gained some insight and perspective in going through this practice. Today's challenge focuses on deep stretching for the chest and back. As a bonus, Sarah added an extra 30 minute back bending practice. I plan to do that one this evening as we close out the challenge. A big thank you to Sarah Beth Yoga for providing these videos on youtube. If you like what you have done so far, she has many more practices and challenges available on her channel. Thank you all for participating!

7 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3

I hope those of you participating in this gratefulness yoga challenge from Sarah Beth Yoga have been seeing some benefits. I love reminding myself to be thankful every day. It has brought me a lot of peace. Sarah Beth says about this third day " This power yoga workout for back strength is fantastic way to improve your posture, stand tall, and build a healthy back and spine to prevent back pain." Let's get moving!

7 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1

This Thanksgiving I have a heavier heart than usual. We recently lost a precious person in my family that I love dearly. This will be our first Thanksgiving without her. I am so excited to see my family and prepare an amazing meal for us all to enjoy together, but my heart misses my sweet aunt. I have decided to take an extra step in my gratefulness journey with a 7-day yoga challenge on gratefulness from Sarah Beth Yoga . By participating in this challenge, I hope to lighten my heart a little and remind myself of all the amazing things in my life. My aunt was one of the most joyful people I...